Thursday, January 25, 2007


The basic idea of homosexuality, appears to be enlightening and enticing.
To possess the ability to be immune to the dangerous ones is very powerful and enviable.
A homosexual who embraces and embodies all things attractive and important to the dangerous ones, negates the joy and enlightenment that could be derived from being homosexual.
The dangerous ones have succeeded in molding the homosexual to their liking once again.
A homosexual, i wish i was one of them.
No such luck.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


He wakes me up in the morning.
And gives me enough moments of laughter.
I love the illusion of honesty he portrays.
And the effort he makes to entertain me.
Sadly, he is surrounded by the dangerous ones five fold.
And that prevents his greatness.
But he is enough for me, he is all i need.


Women are dangerous.
They are the most dangerous living thing on earth.
They have conned man into submission.
And surrounded him with illusions.
The present man is no match for them.
But the new Man is.
Are you that new Man?
I am.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The First One.

I want to be the best writer i can be.
I want to express my thoughts clearly.
I want my vision of life to become a reality.
I am calm and relaxed, happy to let the words flow.
I am going to write a book that reveals my philosophy.

I want a simple life.
I want a happy life.
I don't want children.
I want to be selfish about having children.
I am enjoying giving up my bed, and sleeping on a thin mattress on the floor.
I am happy i am writing.